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CAAD 1 Seminar
May 2022

03 – 05 May 2022
08:00 - 17:00hrs
Seminar leader: Sabine Heymann

CAAD 1 includes all the essential knowledge and skills necessary to carry out computer-aided acoustic design professionally. The focus is on the necessary theory and the first expert application of the theory with the 3D acoustic simulation Ulysses.

Business Opportunity Days 2022

26.–28. September 2022

Those who get to grips with trends early on will have a better chance of proving themselves in the long term.

Come and visit us in Uster or experience the BODays 22 virtually.

NAVS Seminar
November 2022

08. – 10. November 2022
08:00 - 17:00hrs
Seminar leader: Marco Pfiffer

The NAVS (Network Engineering in AV Systems) is a seminar on network engineering, which was developed specifically for the needs of the AV industry.

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