Team Shared success and fair games are our top priority.


Passion for the product and the needs of the customer is what drives us to create innovative and exciting solutions every day.

We face change with courage. As a company and personally, we are constantly evolving with the challenges.


We look out for one another and support each other's development in the face of challenges. Appreciation is our central element and is expressed with openness, respect and transparency.

Each player contributes to the success of the company with his or her individual and skill-based performance.


We always strive for excellence and want to exceed the expectations of our partners. We go the extra mile for you.

«Mistakes» are a valuable asset for us that let us always understand the demands and develop new solutions. 

Our motivation, which is intrinsic, in the progress of the company ensures our lasting success.

Meet the Core-Team

Captain and idea generator

Severin Manz

He has the visions even before the others have the chance to understand them. As captain, he knows exactly who is the right player for the job. Hard rock is omnipresent in his life, both as a focus and a way to spend his free time with his guitar.

Expert in beamers and displays

Antonio Mastrolorenzo

Organised and coordinated, he masters every challenge in everyday life. For Antonio, no project is too big to ensure a successful outcome in a structured way. Besides his job, his heart beats for the preparation of authentic and high-quality culinary masterpieces

Specialist in control systems and complex Smart Home projects

Gianni Amato

With enthusiasm and passion, he is committed to the needs of your companies. If it's creative automation solutions that are required, Gianni is the right contact person. As a football lover, he manages events for his football club in his spare time.

Our Greek fighter - with a passion for good films

Petros Triantafyllidis

Petros is our latest addition to the Stilus family. Analysing and optimising are in his DNA. In his free time, Petros enjoys a good film and keeps himself fit by hitting the gym so that he can discover the world even better on his travels.

The tech professionals

Technology enthusiast with a focus on audio and control systems

Marc Perreten

When it comes to SmartHome, no problem is unsolvable for him or one that cannot be realised in an even better, cleverer and easier way. He is passionate about sharing his know-how. When he's not fiddling around with new things in his small workshop, he's making the asphalt shake in the big workshop.

Technical all-rounder with a focus on video and signal management

José Fernandez

It's best not to mess with him. His "xth" Dan in Karate makes José an always calm employee who approaches every challenge with stoic calmness and focus. His many years of practical experience are at hand to help him find creative and new ways. 

Service expert and specialist for interactive displays

Christian Indlekofer

For Christian, no service case is too difficult to solve. He knows Stilus products inside out. Away from defective displays and beamers, he hangs out on the climbing wall and enjoys his Tanenzäpfle over a campfire in the cosy garden.

Our customer whisperers

All-rounder and account manager for German-speaking Switzerland

Michel Breu

Thoughtful and focused, Michel storms the field and offers ideal solutions to customers in German-speaking Switzerland. As an accomplished footballer, he is not only a fair team player, but also understands how to deal with victory and defeat. When it's not about the 11 and the ball, Michel likes to explore the world on his overseas travels.

All-rounder and account manager for Western Switzerland

Stéphane Venetz

With his level-headed manner, Stépahne accurately sniffs out the potential in Western Switzerland. As a technical all-rounder with many years’ experience, he understands customers in a unique way. He is rarely without his sunglasses and can always be found on the ski slopes of the Valais.

Systems engineer and helping hand

Jacky Spohn

Always focused and ready for the operational realisation of any customer requirements in the system. Jacky is the epitome of reliability. When she's not entering orders or maintaining systems, she's passionately sending pixels into eternity.

Administrator and all-round expert

Alexandra Kessler

Our team youngster routinely manages orders and offers up fresh views. Lexi is always happy to take on any challenge. When it's not hailing customer orders, she conquers the fields and mountains with her four-legged friend.

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