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Excellent quality, innovation and strong relationships form the core of our successful partnerships with solid brands that we develop and represent in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Our brands/partners

Logo von Netgear
Powerful AV Line network switches

Switches with enhanced performance and speed to meet the demands of any job. Experience AV-over-IP instantly thanks to NETGEAR's user-friendly interface and easy configuration. Devices with Quiet Mode (reduced fan noise) and those without integrated fans are perfect for your home entertainment.

NETGEAR AV Line Managed Switches are available in a variety of configurations and are designed for clean integration with traditional rack-mount AV equipment. Power and cabling are neatly organised on the rear panel for a sleek and clean appearance, while the front of the device conveniently displays port and activity status.

Logo von Airtame in Schwarz
We empower people to achieve more when they share screens.

Airtame creates a simpler, smarter and more engaging screen sharing experience, offering solutions for hybrid conferencing, screen sharing and digital signage.

Anyone can effortlessly share content from their personal device to the screen on the wall, whether it's a student in the classroom or a team member in a hybrid meeting.

The best thing about Airtame is our people.

Our mission is to improve the way people work together in schools and businesses. Our team comes together based on talent and our shared mission.

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Logo von BalanceBox in Blau
Height Adjustable Mounts - BalanceBox

Regout Balance System is known as a renowned metal fabricator. They started out with the need to make kitchen cabinets manually height adjustable and subsequently developed this system to also make the displays in the wall panel concept height-adjustable.  To this end they developed the Balancebox product via the Regout Balance System and began to produce these products under the Height Adjustable Mounts brand. As a manual version in the first phase and electrically as an e-Box in the second phase.

Elegant iPad holders

Eve is an elegant iPad holder for the smart home. Made with precision machinery from high quality metals. In Eve, your iPad is safely stored and charged at the same time: ready to use to control lights, dimming, music and more with Basalte Home.

Built-in enclosures for better sound and protection

Integrating sound enjoyment at the highest level into ceilings and walls is our claim. Whether concrete ceilings, brick walls or drywall: our backbox solutions offer numerous advantages from planning to installation.

You can touch this

With our fantastic and touchscreen-crazy team, exciting products for every need and an unconventional view of the possibilities of the digital whiteboard, we fearlessly face our task. With a pinch of inspiration and a touch of technology, simply anything is possible!

We know that we are not the only touchscreen provider. But no one is as unconventional as us.

Devialet Phantom loudspeakers and audiophile amplifier systems.

Devialet is an acoustic company where luxury and cutting-edge technology converge. Devialet thrives on innovation in all areas (hardware, software, interior, and exterior design) to continuously deliver better acoustics. Over 200 patents and 90 awards later, Phantom speakers are more than ever in a league of their own.

With Expert Pro, Devialet reinvents all the key elements of professional listening - preamp, amplifier, DAC, streamer, and phono preamp - and combines them in a single, extremely compact unit.

Garvan Logo in schwarz auf weissem Hintergrund.

Garvan gibt der Emotion des Klangs und der Musik eine Gestalt. Entstanden im Jahr 2005 aus der Leidenschaft von zwei Gründungsgesellschaftern ist es Garvan gelungen, die Akustiktechnik mit dem raffiniertesten Design zu vereinen und so eine perfekte Synthese aus Form und Leistung zu schaffen. Wir stellen architektonische Klanglösungen her, die dank architektonischer Lautsprecher und schallabsorbierender Oberflächen sich perfekt in die Umgebung einfügen und ein erstklassiges Hörerlebnis bieten.

Wir sind bestrebt, unser Wissen in den Dienst von Kreativität und Design zu stellen. Wir helfen Projekten, Realität zu werden. Made in Italy und italienischer Stil sind die Grundlage jedes unserer Produkte und das Ergebnis geschickten handwerklichen Könnens, das die hohe Qualität des Produktes und die Sorgfalt zum Detail ausdrücken.

Harvey Logo in grau | Stilus
HARVEY: the flexible audio and media control matrix

Founded in Berlin in 2003, DSPECIALISTS Digitale Audio- und Messsysteme GmbH is dedicated to developing and distributing innovative DSP solutions in the audio, intercom, and measurement technology fields.

The company develops hardware and software components and adapts them to the specific requirements of each project, always keeping them up-to-date with the current state of the art.

Since 2008, the company has been developing and distributing custom audio devices for the Pro Audio market. The most important product families are HARVEY for the PA sector and ISOSTEM for radio and television.
Humly Workplace Solutions

Easily book rooms, desks and other work spaces with Humly Room Display, Humly Deskbooking and Humly Reservations. Navigate the hybrid office at a glance with Humly Wayfinding. 

Humly Workplace Solutions is an integrated end-to-end-solution with enterprise level security.

Integra Logo in schwarz
Inspired By Passion, Driven By Excellence

IIntegra offers home theater receivers with the most advanced technical features on the market to maximize both the home theater and integration experience.

Logo von innosonix in schwarz
This is Innosonix. Nothing more - nothing less.

Innosonix - Innovation from Germany. Innosonix GmbH, with headquarters in Ahorn, near Coburg, is a leading manufacturer of forward-thinking audio equipment. Managing Director, Markus Bätz, founded the company in 2009 with the vision of designing pioneering audio devices. Day in and day out, Innosonix rises to the challenge of merging sophisticated technologies.

Its strength lies in its deep understanding of the electrotechnical and physical basics, down to the smallest detail, without ever losing sight of the bigger picture.
"We personally know every detail.”

Logo der Firma IC Realtime - Das IC ist rot , Realtime ist in schwarzer Schrift

Founded in 2006, IC Realtime is a leading manufacturer of digital surveillance systems for the residential and commercial security market. With an extensive product portfolio of surveillance solutions, IC Realtime develops, distributes and supports global video technology. Through a partnership with the Camio technology platform, IC Realtime has developed Ella. Ella is a cloud-based deep learning solution that adds natural language search capabilities to surveillance cameras, revolutionising video search functionality for the entire industry. IC Realtime is part of the parent company IC Realtech, which was founded in 2014 and has headquarters in the USA and Europe.

Multifunctional iPad holders

iRoom offers stylish and intelligent docking solutions for the Apple iPad™ and iPad mini™.

Nordic, stylish speakers

Jamo speakers are specially designed for stylish home applications. Easy to install and harmoniously designed for any home interior, enhancing any home with incredible sound.

We've been annoying neighbours since 1946

When Paul W. Klipsch - genius, eccentric and maverick - designed and hand-built the legendary Klipschorn® loudspeaker to bring live music into his living room. He was an American audio pioneer, a true eccentric and a proud member of the Engineering and Science Hall of Fame. He developed speaker technologies that will delight music lovers for generations to come.

Marke lb-Lautsprecher
LB products for sophisticated audio concepts

Enthusiasm for music and acoustics has been the driving force behind our work for more than 30 years. A superior sound is our credo, the experience of high quality sound in spatial dimensions. At our site in Feldkirchen near Munich, we develop and manufacture loudspeakers and perfectly coordinated amplifier technology in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

Simply the best motorised lifts and mounts

Nexus designs and manufactures reliable, quiet TV lift systems and other motorised solutions that are perfect for professional integration. Each lift is designed in the United States and backed by the best warranty. Professionals swear by Nexus 21 lift systems.

An industry-leading designer and manufacturer of AV solutions.

At Peerless AV, a "solution" is more than the product itself. A true solution includes how the product is made, how you get it and the service you receive. We make a point of giving special care and attention to every element of our AV solutions so that we can meet all your needs.

A passion for AV technology

In a world of mass-produced AV products, Pulse Eight stands out with its own manufacturing facility in Poole UK.

A team of passionate and experienced designers and manufacturers design HDBaseT and video products to the highest standards. But that's not all. 24/5 customer service and a 3-year warranty offer the highest level of reliability.

Smart and intelligent control solutions

RTI is the link between your technical equipment and provides a uniform and comprehensible user interface. This interface is available on handheld remotes, touch panels, tablets, smartphones and computers.

19» Racks

For over 30 years, Sanus has been designing premium mounts that get the most out of your speakers and TVs. We offer the best in design, support and installation experience.

Clever electric screens

Since 1985, Screenline has been a by-word for passion, innovation and excellence in the design and manufacture of projection screens. Developed and manufactured in Italy, ScreenLine designs its screens according to the needs and experiences of its customers.

Motorised mounts

Close customer relationships along the application of innovative AV mounting solutions have made SmartMetals a leading provider of professional mounts. SmartMetals is the ideal partner for reliable audiovisual mounting solutions.

Multiroom at its Best!

Sonos began with a mission: to help the world experience better sound.

Sonos puts the control of all your music and all your rooms in the hands of the person who should have it - you. Create a playlist of the music you love to cook to. Browse your entire collection, or use search to find your favourites. Tune in to a radio station from the other side of the globe. Share the controller with your friends. Be prepared, however - once your friends have it in their hands, they won't be happy to give it back.

StormAudioMake it Real.

The French specialist offers audio processors and amplifiers for professional home cinema at the highest level.

The combination of the best available technology and sophisticated engineering ensures unique sound experiences that take watching movies, playing games, and listening to music to the next level.

Reliable signage solutions

Vestel was founded in 1984 and has been part of Zorlu Holding since 1994. Today, the Vestel Group consists of 24 companies and is a cross-sector manufacturer in the fields of electronics, home appliances, mobile technologies, LED lighting and defence.

See the difference

We provide advanced and future-proof offerings for the education, corporate and public sectors as well as B2C end-users. We also help our customers go digital with solutions ranging from home office and wireless presentation displays to beamers and gaming monitors.

Innovative presentation solutions

We offer projection and display solutions to suit your needs. Whether for business, education or other institutions, our solutions offer more than visual communication. We enable you to make visual presentations in meetings and share information in the simplest way possible. Simple. Guaranteed.

Choose the best solution for security.

Naturally you're picky when it comes to accessories for your much-loved AV equipment. That's why you choose a solution that offers you security. And high-quality materials. Products that respect people and the environment in the manufacturing process.

Products that are easy to install and intuitive to use. With which your equipment can be mounted safely and horizontally. And which also offer first-class service and support. A solution that's perfect for you and your TV.

Vogel's. For Sure.

AV signal and control solutions

Wyrestorm is a leading brand of AV signal and control solutions for the professional and commercial markets. Wyrestorm products are always designed to minimise system complexity and maximise signal transmission reliability.

The Best Media Center

Zappiti is a fantastic entertainment system equipped with a user-friendly and appealing user interface. Zappiti can scan, display and play your video content on a local hard disk or NAS.

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