INTRODUCING HEARTBEAT Are your display devices ready for 2028?


Make your touchscreen last a lifetime.

23. August 2022 | 08:00 – 09:00 h

This course is aimed at people who have experience with RTI and would like to have a deeper understanding of the software. New features and benefits of Apex 11.

  • New Coral visualisation design
  • New System Manager in Apex 11
  • New macro steps in Apex 11
  • Driver news
  • XP diagnosis
  • Zigbee in Multiroom with Master / Slave configuration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Practical teams exercises/programming
  • Open discussion

Special price:
The webinar is free


1 hours

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Target group:
Users and integrators who wants to sustainable with there displays devices and get an easier life through a simple device management.


Let’s get sustainable together!

Trainer: Chris van Roosmalen

The Heartbeat program is designed to keep you and your devices safe and operational. Not for 2 years, but for the entire lifetime of your touchscreen. Heartbeat consists of 5 pillars, all designed to make your touchscreen usage smooth and enjoyable.


Heartbeat is an extensive set of services, all aimed to prolong the lifetime of your touchscreen and make your usage safe and enjoyable. We offer 5 different pillars:

  1. IT management – remotely manage touchscreens
  2. Security – lifetime of security updates
  3. Functionality – a promise of support for latest OS of external devices and onscreen app versions, always an up-to-date version of Android OS
  4. Training – several training programs available, online and offline
  5. Circularity – longer lifetime and repurposing
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