LB DE Plan 800 SUB
Unsichtbarer Einbau-Subwoofer, 4 Ohm

LB DE Plan 800 SUB
Unsichtbarer Einbau-Subwoofer, 4 Ohm


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Available again on 18.12.2023
Invisible subwoofer
Item no 0408-0001
EAN code 4262421611340
Garantie 5 Jahre Garantie


The DE Plan 800 SUB is a powerful subwoofer with four 6" flat diaphragm bass drivers for completely invisible installation in walls or ceilings. Thanks to the patented design principle of the DE Plan series, the large-area flat diaphragm is homogeneously displaced. The precise tuning with the integrated crossover to the EG Plan 800 installation housing enables a powerful bass reproduction and a linear transmission range of 35...180 Hz. The DE Plan 800 SUB is installed in combination with the EG Plan 800 installation housing in hollow drywall walls and ceilings. For solid walls or concrete ceilings, the EGB Plan 800 installation enclosure is used.

Installation: First, the loudspeaker is flush-mounted and tested. Then the membrane is laminated with the supplied glass fibre fleece, filled and painted over.


Lautsprecher Art Einbau
Lautsprechergrösse (Zoll) 6"
Einsatzbereich Lautsprecher Subwoofer
Gewicht netto 8.5 kg
Gewicht brutto 8.5 kg
Anschluss zu externen Geräten
Subwoofer out No
Anschluss zum Hauptgerät
Stereo Cinch (RCA) No
Digital koaxial No
Optical Toslink No
Bluetooth No
Einbautiefe 7.6 cm
Passiv Lautsprecher Eigenschaften
Empfohlene Verstärkerleistung 240 W
Breite 720 mm
Tiefe 76 mm
Länge 300 mm


LB Datenblatt DE Plan 800_SUB_2023.pdf (1.3 MB)


LB_DE Plan Einbauanleitung 2023.pdf (1.6 MB)


lb_DE_Plan_Prospekt_Mail_0.pdf (2.9 MB)



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