Garvan PARQUET acoustic wall - fiber black
10x120cm Glue Mounting

Garvan PARQUET acoustic wall - fiber black
10x120cm Glue Mounting


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Available again on 14.05.2024
Acoustic comfort solution to any environment
Item no AP0054
Garantie 2 Jahre Garantie


ACOUSTIC PARQUET acoustic panels are an acoustic cladding for walls with a look and feel inspired by wooden floorboards. An aesthetic result is guaranteed without compromise thanks to the variety of formats and decorations, as well as the possibility of laying the slats according to your own requirements. 

Acoustic Parquet acoustic panels reduce noise and reverberation in interior spaces, and therefore provide the opportunity to hear better and talk to each other more easily. The sound-absorbing panels are the best partners of interior design. They ensure maximum integrability, as well as a wide range of decorations and easy installation.

Several fabrics are available for selection. The acoustic panels are available in 4 material decorations with concrete effect. The decorations are handmade through an exclusive processing and painting process that does not alter the characteristics of the polyester fiber.


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Model Parquet
Mass 10x120cm
Mounting technique Glue Mounting


Parquet_Factsheet.pdf (2.0 MB)


Parquet_Katalog.pdf (7.2 MB)


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