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RTI Digitalstrom
RTI Treiber


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Available again on 06.05.2024
Steuert Digitalstrom Komponenten via Digitalstrom Server
Item no Digitalstrom Treiber


This Driver controls the Digitalstrom Parts over the Digitalstrom Server.

General Driver information:
The driver does not provide life feedback of Light status. This is because the Digitalstrom network is very slow and does not provide these data by itself.

First Connection:
First time you want the driver to connect to the digitalstrom Server, you need to do the following steps:
    •    Enable the option: „Request Application Authorisation“
    •    Type in any random Application Name you want -> without spaces and special chars
    •    send to the XP Processor

Now login to the Digitalstrom Server Page.
    •    Click on Advanced view (Erweiterte Ansicht)
    •    Click on System
    •    Click on Access Control (Zugriffsberechtigung)
    •    There you see you’re Application Name and a Token
    •    Enable the Application and Copy the Token
    •    disable the option: Request Application Authorisation at the driver config
    •    paste the token in the field: Application Token

Done. From now on, the Driver stays connected with the Digitalstrom Server.

Control by ID:
Type in the UUID of the Digitalstrom Device

Control by Name (recommended):
Type in the same Name, you have given to the device in the Digitalstrom Server

Call Scene
If you define Groups, you can call scenes in that group by sending the scene no and Group Name


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