Interactive displays from Stilus - Benefit from the best

Stilus is the leading provider of large-format interactive solutions in Switzerland.

With our expertise, experience and innovative strength, we enable you to draw the greatest possible benefits and enjoyment from the sale and use of interactive displays. Find out why and how in this Insight.

Interaktive Displays von Viewsonics

Chapter - Pitch

  • Complete solution portfolio
  • 10 years of experience in the interactive display market
  • Service support - Don't fire and forget
  • Manufacturer contact - Your feedback where it is needed
  • Seeing is believing - Touch and Feel in Uster
  • Demopool - try it yourself
  • Geplant Getan (Planned Done) - support for your project

Portfolio - not just a display

With the global market leader Viewsonic (16.8% market share* Fufutresource Q1-Q3 2023), the innovative and early adaptor COTUCH and Vivitek, Stilus offers a portfolio that covers every integration and user need.

A large format touch display solution is only complete when it is combined with the right accessories. We offer everything from a single source; from versatile mounting solutions (Peerless, Vogels, BalanceBox), stable signal management, cables and flexible controls Wyrestorm (RTI), easy-to-use streaming solutions (Airtame, Vivitek), customised conference solutions (LB speakers, Wyrestorm) to resource management (Humly).

A portfolio like this can quickly become a challenge if you lose the overall picture. No problem - thanks to our experience, we always know the optimum combination and solution.

Experience - knowledge is good, experience is better

Stilus was one of the first providers of interactive displays in 2014. Since the early days with CTOUCH, and later with Viewsonic and Vivitek, Stilus has significantly shaped the Swiss market in both the education and the corporate sphere. Over the years, we have supported many projects of all sizes at all stages. From the first integrated Android system to the current Google EDLA operating systems, Stilus has been part of every trend and can provide precise advice on what adds value and how.

Support and repair - Stilus is there when the going gets tough

Our dedicated technicians are involved right from the start and know exactly where and how difficulties arise.

Our on-site repair service can respond to your individual needs.

Our manufacturers are our partners

We maintain the best possible partnership contact at all levels. Sales contact is important; the right project price at the right time is crucial.

In addition, we maintain active and supportive contact with the service and product management departments at the manufacturers. This means that we not only have an influence on rapid bug fixing, but also on future innovations.

Seeing is believing - 800m2 showroom

Ein Foto der Interaktiven Displays von ViewSonic im Showroom der novis

In our large showroom you can enjoy a live experience, make comparisons and form opinions. Many solutions are live in operation and customised solutions can also be configured and tested on request.

The showroom can be used independently or accompanied by our specialists.


Relaxed testing within your own four walls. No problem! Stilus has a large demo pool and supplies a free* (*returns at the customer's expense) demo device for 2 weeks. If the application is more complex and requires longer professional support, we offer a professional proof of concept.

Your project with PROJEDA

We and our service partner PROJEDA are on hand with help and advice at every stage of your project - from evaluation to integration. With our combined expertise, we support you in realising the best possible result.

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