NAVS Seminar Seminar

Network Technology in AV Systems

NAVS Seminar

28. – 30. November 2023 | 08:00 – 17:00 hrs

The NAVS is aimed at all those involved in network-based AV projects and provides:

  • AV experts with the elementary knowledge of network technology for understanding cooperation and communication at eye level with IT,
  • the AV industry with more generalists with the necessary knowledge of network technology,
  • IT experts with the understanding of the special features of AV networks.

Participants learn the following key points in the three-day seminar:

  • Theory of communication in networks and their functions in designing, setting up and troubleshooting in networks,
  • Network analysis, network analysis tools with practical part in Wireshark,
  • Streaming, digital signage, video conferencing, security in AV networks, Transmission, service level agreements (SLA), quality of service, remote monitoring management, etc.

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Course participants should have basic knowledge of network technology.

Target group:
AV technicians and technical project and sales staff with a sound knowledge of networking.

CTS RU Points:

To be able to understand, analyse, correctly implement and coordinate AV networks with the network supervisor.

Subject to change and errors

What exactly is the NAVS and which areas are covered during the three-day seminar?

Course leader: Christian Eimann

In AV projects, which nowadays can involve several departments with different interests, competence and communication are essential.

The NAVS (Network Engineering in AV Systems) is a seminar on network engineering that was developed expressly for the needs of the AV industry.

There is often a lack of mutual understanding of what the other party needs. AV experts usually lack the knowledge to understand IT's way of thinking as well as the necessary understanding of the theory of communication in networks to gain acceptance and trust from IT.

On the other hand, IT departments are not familiar with many of the requirements for professional audio and video communication in networks. Last but not least, in addition to technical differences, language differences often present an obstacle to flawless project communication.

The NAVS imparts professional knowledge on how to correctly create AV networks, correct network errors and provides the necessary expertise to discuss the requirements of an AV network with IT experts on an equal footing.

  • Purpose and application of OSI model
  • Focus Layer 4: TCP and UDP protocol – functions, ports, hands-on
  • Focus Layer 3: LAN/WAN/Subnet – application-related understanding, configuration and use
  • Focus Layer 2: Relationship between IP and MAC address – understanding the relationship and Wireshark Hands-On
  • Focus Layer 1: Physical components correctly selected – cables and WLAN frequencies
  • Q&A and practical challenges
  • Introduction and configuration of Wireshark
  • Network Analysis – Understanding traffic and protocols and drawing the right conclusions
  • Streaming AV signals – using multicast
  • Digital Signage – Choosing and configuring the right network components
  • Video conferencing – codecs, bandwidths and methodology
  • Security – analysis, documentation and concept development
  • SLA – concept, benefits and application
  • Remote monitoring – set-up and application
  • Participant practice – Selecting topics according to needs

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