Pro-AV Mount Advisor With Vogel's Pro-AV Mount Advisor you can find your best mount in just a few clicks.

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The perfect mounting solution is child's play

With the Pro-AV Mount Advisor, you can find your perfect solution in just a few clicks. The configurator is child's play:

  1. Select the device you would like to mount.
  2. Choose the type of mounting that suits you best.
  3. What else should we take into account? Refine your search.
  4. Choose your favourite design.
  5. Find your ideal mounting solution!

About Pro AV Mount Advisor


Pro AV Mount Advisor offers solutions for a wide range of audiovisual mounting needs, from LED wall mounts for displays to video wall mounts. This gives you the flexibility to find the right mount for your specific needs.



With a wide range of options to meet the requirements of different devices, the Advisor allows for the precise mounting of LED wall, curved monitors, videowalls and other audiovisual components thus ensuring optimal positioning and an immersive user experience.



By incorporating new technologies such as curved screens and interactive whiteboard panels, the Advisor ensures that mounting systems meet the demands of today's audiovisual landscape.



With its different price categories, Advisor offers a range of mounting solutions to suit different budgets. This gives you the opportunity to find high-quality mounts at reasonable prices.



With the Pro AV Mount Advisor's customised recommendations, you can easily choose the best option for your needs. Would you like a mount for a video wall in a public space or for mounting LED lighting indoors or outdoors?

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